Saturday, July 15, 2006

Disclaimer on previous posts and parenthetical extravaganza

I just wanted to put up a simple disclaimer as to the content of my previous posts. I am leaving them up because they represent where I have come from in the past 18 months, and I still think they have some useful content. I want to say that I am only beginning on my journey into the whole 'Emerging Church' dialogoue (if that's what you call it--it seems like so much more--maybe Brian McLaren was right, it's more of a 'New Kind of Christian' thing because it encompasses so many other areas [of course that brings me to another caveat--I never want to fall down into that endless pit of assuming that whatever is new or apropos is better, because, especially with the 'Emerging Church' and it's emphasis on community etc...this has been the norm in other cultures for quite some time]) and everything that may go along with it. Oh yeah, and I don't claim to have the ability to skillfully use the theological language that goes with this topic either--but I have been accepted to the M.Div program at Fuller Theological Seminary for this coming September (whether I make it there is fodder for another post or series of posts--financially speaking). While I don't for one moment believe that this will make me 'official' in God's eyes (or hopefully not in anyone else's eyes, especially myself), I hope that I will at least be better able to understand what I am talking about.


Blogger John W. Morehead said...

Thanks for listing my blog as a recommended site on your own blog. I too am from northern California, a long-time Sacramentan. It's good to see young out of the box thinkers in the northern half of the state.

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