Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I was always scared of video games

I have had strange intuition that video games are somehow bad--as I am sure that a lot of thinking people have. I was never sure how wrong it could go--but I remember something that was mentioned right after the Columbine incident--namely that the perpetrators were immersed in first-person shooting-style games for hours as a life-style prior to the shooting rampage in "real" life. I feel very nervous about the massive amounts of time that people--especially children--are spending playing immersive video games. I came across this article and it reminded me of my own childhood playing the first Nintendo and how I could not sleep until I beat "Bowser" the mythical dragon in "Mario Brothers"--or the end "Boss" in "Contra". And this was at a time when video games were definitively not immersive--and looked downright cheap compared to today's technology. I fear for my nephew who just got a gameboy for Christmas and hasn't spoken to anyone since--literally. Let's begin to pray into this issue--that we could begin to do something before it's too late--before we are faced with thousands of "Columbine-style" automatons dressed as high-schoolers.


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