Thursday, December 16, 2004


Many people have been locked into a type of stunted spiritual formation due to a misunderstanding of the Spirit of God and how he speaks to humanity. I want to have solid cause and purpose for action...I desire to act with a deliberateness that I have not had before. No longer do I want to merely act because I believe it is the right thing to do...I desire to act because the right thing is in me and I have become the right thing at my core. I am also wrestling with why and where are the causes for the focus of our "good" actions. It almost seems circular to continue to forget our own well-being in order to help those that are having problems similar to our own. But this must be the main goal of Christianity...of our bring about sweeping social change. If we were to focus on our own need the power of change may or may not be limited to our own backyard...never having the potency to reach even our own neighbors. Yet if we forget ourselves and make our neighbor the focus then we shall begin to reach our neighborhoods and in turn the world. This is why the worldwide "vision" of Christ must never be overlooked or we run the risk of losing heart when we simply help our neighbors. "Where there is no vision the people perish"...and this is true of the hearts of Christians when we forget what our true goal is...broad and sweeping social reform. We are not just nice people making a dinner for our neighbors randomly...we may as well be part of a local club. No, we are revolutionaries. We are engaged in a social revolt; our aim is the captivity of the world, which in turn is freedom. Where others wish to captivate for gain and enslavement, we wish to captivate for release, for we are bringing the kingdom of opposites to bear on the world. And isn't that good news? We could all rejoice at the "opposition" or the turning to opposite of the world and its enslavements.


Blogger Shannon Byous said...

Well said, Nate! It's like what someone said to me about faith, "I don't want to hear you saying 'i ought to do something' because i heard the voice of God, but what rises up within you when you hear His voice? You are a free person."

I really enjoyed reading what you wrote and I love your site!! In experiencing the way Jesus is moving in and around me concerning this whole move to England, I am thinking: THIS seems more like faith....what I thought was faith is beginning (and I know I'm just at the beginning) to look more like obligation - obligation to what I thought God was saying or more like what I thought God expected!! But really, I may have been way off all along! Geesh...

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