Saturday, December 04, 2004

My son's first fever

Over the past 48 hours my 5 month old son has suffered with his first fever....we knew this day would come, and we knew that we would freak out. Last night he began to breathe rapidly in spurts with periods of apnea. My wife and I were unable to sleep a wink. Around 5 in the morning we decided to take him to the emergency room. The point of this post is this.....what is up the whole medical community thing? It is as if the hospital system itself has metastasized and is vying for every place of authority in the community. We walked in and they checked all of my sons vitals and pronounced that he appeared healthy and that he probably just had a virus or something but that they would like to perform a chest x-ray and a blood panel before he left. Well, as life would have it he began to breathe fine while we were there and the doctor had this sort of Clint Eastwood make my day type of look on his face while he exclaimed that he was breathing normal. So, we decided that we wanted to go home and I proceeded to tell the nurse that we did not want to do the tests; to which he replied "well this isn't a you are free to leave...but it is against our better judgment so you have to sign these papers...". And so we signed the papers all the while the nursing staff stared on in horror at the "child abusers". It turns out that he was totally fine and that he didn't need those tests, but shouldn't it be something that is offered as a choice instead of a communist governmentesque mandate? Anyway, I think that this is a type of "Hypermodernity" which has arisen to fill some of the vacuum left in society by the modern fallout among civilians. It is as if the medical community has dug in their loafers and decided that all the more their brand of truth...which becomes a type of the most plausible absolute and that any threat to that system is treated to stares of the type that scream "I would call the police on you if I could". It feels almost like a type of persecution if you disagree with a doctor in today's society, even though most postmodern types would never fully trust such a total scientific person.
Could it be that the Church is in some way seen as this "Hypermodern" entity by regular people in society, creating in them the same response inside that I had to the hospital's "medical metanarrative"? I pray that we may begin to look deeply into our own hearts, each one of us and begin to address any and all areas that we are guilty of espousing an "absolute truth" system without having ever loved. Let us all begin to love our neighbors (the ones right next to us and the metaphorical "neighbor") and in turn change the climate of our communities.


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