Tuesday, December 28, 2004

How big is the Kingdom of Jesus?

If it is true that the atoning blood of the Christ has been shed abroad--for the sins of the whole world--then how big is the Kingdom of God? What does it encompass? If it is everyone and everything--every bit of created matter--then the "unbeliever" (and many "believers") is someone who just doesn't know about the reign of the Kingdom of God yet; even though the Kingdom is very much in effect around them, albeit mostly invisible. And that means that everyone is free to truly live. Even if living in sin. Because we all live with and in sin. But when we find out that Jesus is the true and presently reigning King and we embrace that--he will begin to show us why and how he has created the order of the Universe. And we will naturally begin to want to live by his created way--the way of the Kingdom. This is "holiness". It is not a set of laws; the world has seen that way already. The new world order of Jesus is freedom. Freedom to realize, understand and then proclaim him as the King; and to investigate his way, which in turn will cause emulation to spring from us.


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