Friday, December 03, 2004

Colossians Remixed

Recently I have been visiting the Draft Theology ( blog and have read the posts on a book titled Colossians Remixed by Brian J. Walsh & Sylvia C. Keesmaat. I am most certainly going to purchase this book and have downloaded the first chapter for a spin. ( What I have read so far has prompted me to scribble a few journal notes during the day.....

Globalization is aimed directly and specifically at the human passions. It has correctly identified all of the hottest points of human superficial conciousness and has as its chief aim a desire to kill the spirit and exalt the flesh as the new center of life; as if this were possible after all. Instead of enslavement as its ideological vision, a new Kind of man, a virtual cyborg whose passions are its soul and whose mind
is computer like and body technofab. But this is the outward vision. All the while the great CEO of the air, that ancient Dragon knows that this is the Ultimate destruction of man.


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In my current state of abstaining from modern society's understanding of the "church", I am digesting quite a bit of commentary online and thoroughly enjoying that the most theologicaly stimulating friend I have now has a voice in the arena.
This will reach more people than you know.
Hoping we will see Christ with unveiled eyes and be true to who we are as His body, the true church.
I am so happy that you are a daddy. I'm sure little Salem's first words will be scripture. ;) ~G~

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