Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christ as Neural Network

I read this the other day and it reminded me of a post that I have been meaning to write.

(From Mike Bishop at the Vineyard Community blog)
"We always think of leadership as the 'head' or 'heart' in Paul's body metaphor. But what if we thought of it as something vital, yet unseen. Say, the liver for instance. I like that."

I was watching my 5 month-old son grasp at something and I began to think about the ways in which his motor skills have drastically improved in the last few months and how that may relate to the Church. My son's motor skills are improving everyday as his neural paths strengthen and make new connections. The muscles, tissues and nerves in his body are wired back to the brain and the brain is making new connections within itself and connecting back to the body. This is in turn responsible for the development of finer ability to grasp objects ect... Maybe this is a picture of the "Emerging Church". The Internet and the things that it has spawned such as the blogging phenomenon give further and quicker place for more density of connectedness throughout the Church. As we make more and more "connections" in Christ and through things like the Internet, we are connecting the body by being first connected into the head (brain) and then routed back through a complex set of social (neural networks ie. Internet) connections into the body itself (church). This is allowing the Church to begin to "grasp" things never before grasped. The Church is increasingly able to interface or grab hold of the culture and its surroundings right now at this time and at this place in history on levels never before available due to our ability to be connected with one another (motor skills). Could this be partly what the writer of Hebrews was talking about when declaring that we should move on from elementary things?


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