Monday, December 06, 2004

Absolute Truth as a Path

Anything which attempts to reduce Jesus to abstractions is the Anti-Christ. To reduce Jesus to anything other than a real, living person with whom we can and must interact is to say that he has not come in the flesh. A personality forces inter-action. When a person approaches and begins conversation they must either be acknowledged through interaction or else ignored. And it is the ignoring that implies no acknowledgement. This is the same as denying a person's existence. A person must be interacted with to exist as a subject, otherwise they are an object and not a person; they become objective and not subjective. Jesus is the only path to life. Yes, he is life itself. However, in our age of abstractions and "objectivity" we actively seek to engage him as an object, which is why so many have trouble understanding him as "absolute truth". He is the absolute truth, but as a personality; which means that he is more of a path than an object. It is a path to get to know someone. We would never believe that we could absolutely know anyone that we interact with except that our knowledge of them grows through interaction. It is this way with Jesus. We must walk the path of inter-action, which is engagement. Therefore any so-called "knowledge" that does not result in action is actually another path. We must be on the path of action in order to truly know Jesus and to begin to know truth absolutely.


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